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But if there is no goal to show exact numerical values, but simply to visually compare which systems gave more votes, you can use the Word Cloud, or as we call it, "Tag Cloud".

What are the benefits of such a view? And this:

It's very visual - the amount of text corresponds to the frequency of votes. The more often the system is voted for, the bigger letters are written in the system's name.

This can be done beautifully - complete freedom of creativity. You can pick up colors, fonts, the slope of the text, and even place the names of the systems within a given outline-figure.

Such a cloud can well replace an illustration for an article, if it's difficult to find the right picture.

I have looked through what tools exist now for creating the Word Cloud for free and will tell you about the ones I've tried. I don't claim to be exhaustive and if, as they say in Odessa, "you have something to say", feel free to write in the comments.

How will I compare them?

Let's calculate the number of parameters that can be changed by the designer - let's call it "the degree of freedom of the designer.

Let's see if these options are supported:

"custom font" - the ability to use your own fonts;
"Cyrillic" - Cyrillic alphabet support;
"Phrases" - you can work with phrases - with several words separated by a space;
"shapes" - whether you can fit words into a given shape;
"statistics" - word size is proportional to their frequency in the sour

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